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Jiangsu Yuming Group Co., Ltd. is located in Yancheng, which is situated on the coast of Yellow Sea in Jiangsu province. The head office of Group is located in Yancheng Hi-Tech Industrial Park, with Jiangsu Yuming Group Co., Ltd. , Jiangsu Mingyu Traffic Electrical Engineering Co., Ltd , Jiangsu Mingyu New Energy Co., Ltd , Jiangsu Mingyu Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd , Jiangsu Yuming Municipal Engineering Co., Ltd and Yancheng Yandu Longgang Industrial & Mining Lamps Factory as the members of GROUP. Led by Wang Xingwen (Chairman of Group) and over the efforts of staffs in past 30 years, our group has become a Group company integrating urban and road lighting (including wind, light, electricity complement), research and development, production, sales and engineering contracting; now, we are a Class-A contractor for urban and road lighting engineering. AT present, our Group has CNY 100,180,000 of registered capital, 100,000 square meters of lands and 165 employees, more than 30 of them are technicians; at the same time, we establish stable relations of cooperation with related research institutes. In recent years, we gradually expanded our business into the fields of new energy and new materials, energy saving and environmental protection, and successfully become a mass manufacturer in these fields.

Over the years, we adhere to the spirit of enterprise of "unity and cooperation, work hard, break through the self, the pursuit of excellence" ; adhere to the development concept of "do large-scale, excellent products, do fine management, and stronger" ; and carry out such business strategy of "focusing on main industry, Multi-industry linkage, highlight the advantages,comprehensive development", we are committed to providing our clients with newer and better products and services, assuming greater and better responsibility and duty for community and creating enterprise more and more profits and values. At the moment of growth of urban road lighting equipment, we have had performances in the development and use of LED New Energy, wind power generation equipment, traffic electrical and Municipal Engineering, landscaping, energy saving and environmental protection industries, etc. Therefore, our business and scale are expanding, and we have bigger strength and growing comprehensive benefits; In 2012, the total sum of production, trade and engineering contracts has reached CNY 100 million , and the profits and taxes were more than CNY 10 million.

Quality is the root of Group, talent is the foundation for the development of Group. In the long-term development process, our Group always put quality and talent as the fundamental policy of the Group's development strategy. We aim to win the market with quality products, customers with with good social services, and create specialty brands with excellent management team and technical team. In recent years, through the cultivation and introduction of professional and technical personnel, the implementation of technological transformation of enterprise, the increasing of intelligent technology and equipment, we have laid a solid foundation for enterprise to improve product and service quality, and then enhance the competitive strength and boost the competitive advantage of our company. Now, our products and services are highly recognized in the society. We undertake the construction of a number of high-quality model demonstration projects in Erdos, Wulanchabu and other places.

Dream achieves great business, hard work creates brilliant future. Facing the future, our Group will realize dream of development of "creating strong enterprise of a hundred years; benefiting staff community" ' with first-class mental state, first-class work style, first-class performance benefits,we strives to be a comprehensive modern Group with global, Chinese and industrial reputations. During the great journey of realization of Chinese dream, Yuming Group will write a new chapter and gorgeous movement of Yuming Group's dream.

To undertake the glory of yesterday and seize the opportunity today, let us work together to create a brilliant tomorrow of Yuming Group!


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