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Led lights head

1. The lamp body and the lamp cover adopt the aluminum alloy finale material, the translucent body adopts the ultra-white tempered glass, has the high strength, the high light transmittance and so on the characteristic:
2. Each LED configuration independent secondary optical system, optical system, the light rate of up to 93% or more, luminous rate of 801m / w or more.
3. Product area is small, light weight, high stability, effectively reduce the wind resistance, reduce the load pole, is conducive to wind, safe and reliable:
4. Humanized light distribution design, Street lights special optical system, according to the continuity of road and visual control of the rational distribution of light to ensure a good road illumination and uniform light at the same time, to avoid the traditional light source glare and high-power LED Light utilization to play to the best, fully embodies the human design.
5. The whole lamp adopts modular composition design, according to different needs of the design of different power Street lights: for fast roads and trunk road traffic lighting.
6. Can be half-power control, light five hours automatically enter the half-power working condition.

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