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First, the team concept
We expect "set all thinking, Guang Zhong Yi";
We advocate "honesty, words will practice";
We feel "pay more, more";
Second, the core values
Carry on charity, Houdezaiwu.
Labor Relations
Full - time labor contract system
Fourth, training methods
Pre-job training, skills training, organizational skills training, decision-making skills training
Five, new staff training
Supervisor system
6, the distribution system:
1, job performance pay
2, welfare
Jiangsu Yu Ming Group has been the first human resources as resources, and constantly explore the advanced human resources management and development of the road, through the implementation of various levels of job recruitment system and staff training and assessment system, the reform of pay distribution system, and gradually improve the pay system, Optimize the human resources of enterprises, stimulate the enthusiasm and creativity of the staff, and strive to innovation so that human resources continue to meet the needs of enterprise reform and development for the company and the community to create better efficiency, we need more people to create with us One after another brilliant, Jiangsu Yu Ming Group welcomes you to join.
We focus on people's quality, potential, character, education and experience in recruitment and hiring. Detailed recruitment information, has been published in the following recruitment website, please click to read, can also be online delivery through this site, we will promptly contact you.
Recruitment site: a list of environmental excellence network, Yancheng Talent Network, the Chinese network of excellence

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