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Corporate Training: Responsibility Honor Dreams 

Business philosophy: compliance business in accordance with the law, the pursuit of excellence 

The concept of competition: never stop the pace of progress 

Product concept: not only the best better 

Staff philosophy: establish faith, mind and business 

Team spirit: Everyone for me and I am for everyone 

Working philosophy:  
—Must have clear and scientific working train of thought; 
—Must have a pragmatic and excellent work style; 
—There must be the spirit of reform and innovation; 
—There must be a good image of honesty and integrity. 

Talent Concept:  
People - oriented - aspiring to the development of the cause of the company to build a broad stage to display their talent. 

Specification concept: 
People-oriented, standardized first, scientific management, to prevent illegal, strengthen control, safeguard the health of business and sustainable development.  
Ideological and political work concept:  
dhere to the "three in place"; namely: thought in place, organization in place, work in place.  
Adhere to the "three combinations"; that is: the same carry forward the spirit of enterprise integration, with the combination of corporate culture, with the staff to do practical things combined.  
Adhere to the "four infiltration"; that is: penetration into the market development, penetration into the management, infiltration to the reform and opening up, infiltration to the stability of enterprises.  
Adhere to the "four concepts"; namely: the concept of service, outstanding ideological and political work to serve the overall business management.  
Benefit concept: through the scientific management and incentive assessment methods to mobilize the enthusiasm of the staff work to improve efficiency and increase revenue.  
People-oriented; people-oriented, the ideological and political work with the staff to do practical things combined to enhance the ideological and political work of the relevance and effectiveness.  
Innovative concept: Adhere to innovation is the fundamental way out for business survival, enhance the sense of innovation, and promote enterprise development.  
To serve the rich and civilized and harmonious new Qinghai construction and make greater contributions! 
To create newer, higher "boutique company" work hard!

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